Rebuttal to the Argument

Get the Facts on Measure T Before You Vote:
- Measure T bans short-term vacation rentals in most of South Lake Tahoe
- More than $100 million for our local economy every year will be LOST
- More than $3 million for the city budget annually will be LOST

Vote "No" on Measure T. It is a BAN on Vacation Home Rentals and Kills Jobs.

This ban Is too extreme. The economic fallout from a VHR ban is real. The ban will lead to a loss of over $100 million for our businesses and over $3 million in city services. We will experience job loss and business closures. The proposed Recreation Center couldn't be funded without the necessary VHR revenue.

Strict VHR ordinances are working. These regulations address occupancy, parking, and noise. Law enforcement's response time to issues is faster than ever, leading to quieter neighborhoods.

If Measure T is passed and the VHR ban goes into effect, there will be NO funding for future enforcement efforts. VHR fees currently fund all the enforcement. The situation will get worse, not better. No enforcement means no funding to stop illegally operated VHRs and their guests' behavior.

Property owners should have the right to use their home as they see fit without bothering neighbors or others. It's already against the law to create noise problems or nuisance. All this ban would do is infringe on the rights of the vast majority of people who rent their properties without bothering anyone.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports the lack of affordable housing is a national and state issue, not just Lake Tahoe's. Eliminating VHRs will NOT increase available housing. Worse yet, homeowners will still illegally rent their homes to tourists with no regulations or enforcement.

Save Tahoe Jobs. Vote "NO" on Measure T.

Mercades Beran - Owner, Blue Dog Gourmet Pizza
Luca Genasci - Owner, Lake Tahoe AleWorX
Ron Williams - Owner, Ski Run Boat Co.
Doug Williams - South Lake Tahoe Lodging Association