Maintenance and Contractors

Tahoe Tourism

Measure T bans short-term vacation rentals in most of South Lake Tahoe. That’s too extreme.

Short-term rentals bring in more than $100 million for our local economy every year. If this ban passes, your job is at risk.

People like you maintain these rentals. Plumbers, construction workers, gardeners, and custodial workers will all be affected if this ban passes. There are not enough hotels to take in the tourists and not enough jobs to go around.

Our city passed a new law last year that limits the number of short-term vacation rentals we have in the city and fines owners and visitors for violations such as noise, parking, and trash.

The law is already working.

Instead of a ban that would cripple our tourism economy and eliminate funding for enforcement, we need to let the short-term vacation rental laws we already have work.

Join me in voting No on Measure T.