Argument Against Measure T

Get the Facts on Measure T Before You Vote:
- Measure T bans short-term vacation rentals in most of South Lake Tahoe
- More than $100 million for our local economy every year will be LOST
- More than $3 million for the city budget annually will be LOST

Measure T is a ban on Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) that puts our town in peril.

Majestic South Lake Tahoe is a community where tourism is the economic foundation and essential revenue source for our residents' mountain lifestyle and city government services. South Lake Tahoe residents have always resided among homes that are VHRs which has been a reality long before the City officially formed in 1965.

Measure T, the Ban on Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs), is an imminent threat to our economy and community. A VHR ban will decimate local commerce and cost potentially hundreds of jobs in both the private and public sector.

Vacation home renters infuse over $100 million annually into our local economy. The Measure T VHR Ban will severely reduce vital income for all of our businesses, professions, and trades. Many local families and individuals will suffer job loss or drastically reduced work hours and be forced to leave the home they love.

Revenue loss from Measure T would cut over $3 million out of our City's operating budget. Police, Fire, Pa ks and Recreation, and other city staff jobs will be cut based on this overwhelming shortfall. The voter approved new Recreation Center scheduled

to replace the current dilapidated building and pool will be jeopardized. Reduced City revenue will likely wipe out funding for road repair. We will no longer recognize the community in which we live.

Strict VHR ordinances that address occupancy, parking, and noise are already in place. The enforcement of these laws has already led to quieter neighborhoods. We need to let these regulations work.

Measure Tis not the solution. It's an extreme measure South Lake Tahoe residents cannot afford.

Save Tahoe Jobs. Vote NO on Measure T.

Steve Teshara - CEO, Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce
Ashley Mattila -Owner, Marcus Ashley Gallery
Mark Salmon - President, Tahoe Soccer Foundation